Order Work Flow Information

RCP Shelters appreciates your order. Please use this confirmation to review the order and to become aware of your responsibilities
to keep it on schedule. We recommend that this information is shared with everyone involved in the project, from project manager
to installation foreman. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Order Deposit
An order deposit along with a signed order form or simple PO is required to initiate your order. Please send your payment and order
form or simple PO to the address on the attached Order Deposit Invoice, and reference Job #23-273 on the check. RCP Shelters
accepts credit card payments. Payments by credit card are not eligible for any discounts offered. RCP Shelters does not accept
orders with penalties or contingent liability.
Upon receipt of order deposit, RCP Shelters will begin to prepare a set of engineered drawings for your approval. All pertinent
engineering and design related details must be disclosed to RCP Shelters at this time to ensure the drawings are completed timely
and accurately. With certified drawings, calculation books are complimentary upon request. Revision costs resulting from details
unknown by or not disclosed to RCP Shelters are the responsibility of others. Some examples of important details are:

  • Foundations: RCP includes a standard foundation detail based on assumed soil values. Custom designs may be available
    based on project specific site requirements. Depending on the complexity, additional engineering charges may apply.

    • Geotechnical Report: Not required, but if available, RCP will evaluate for proper foundation design.
    • Depth limitations: Most standard foundations are at least 4’ deep, often deeper. Spread footings may be
      available upon request. Additional engineering charges may apply.
    • Shape: Basic foundation design includes a cylindrical foundation to fit standard Sonotube sizes. Square
      foundations may be available upon request. Additional engineering charges may apply.
    • Anchorage: Most standard steel column and base shoe foundations include poured in place anchor bolts.
      Depending on loading conditions, epoxy anchor design may be available upon request.
    • Slab: Foundation design is dependent upon the presence of a slab. RCP Shelters will assume a 4” slab to be part of
      the design unless otherwise informed.
  • Electrical: RCP does not include any electrical design or provisioning unless otherwise specifically included.
    • Design: Unless specifically stated as included on the proposal, RCP Shelters does not provide electrical design.
    • Cutouts: RCP Shelters may be able to provide electrical conduit access through steel columns and frames as well as
      cutouts for recessed receptacles and switches upon request for an appropriate fee.
Drawings will be sent by email. If certified originals are required, they will be sent after review and approval to the contact you
designate. Revision requirements by local authorities may result in additional charges (ex. extra layer of OSB diaphragm or any other
material not structurally required, or specific verbiage like “by G.C.” instead of “N.I.C.” or “by others”).
Relase to Fabrication
In order for fabrication to begin, two items must be addressed:

  • Drawing Approval: For mutual protection against fabrication of the wrong items, RCP requires drawing approval from each
    customer prior to beginning fabrication. Drawing approval can be provided with a simple email.
  • Color Selections: Before the shop can order materials for fabrication, color selections are required
Final Payment
Final payment is due Tuesday prior to shipping or net 30 days with approved credit. To apply for credit, please complete, sign, and
return an unaltered credit application, sent as a separate attachment with this Order Confirmation. Credit approval requirements
are shown on the application. RCP Shelters accepts credit card payments prior to delivery. Payments by credit card are not eligible
for any discounts offered.
RCP Shelters loads trucks on Fridays for delivery the following week. Trucking will call the specified delivery contact at least 24 hours
prior to arrival to make delivery arrangements. Please reference the Contact Information page to designate a delivery contact.
Unless specifically noted otherwise, prices are based on pooled shipments. RCP Shelters does its best to meet requested delivery
dates, but cannot guarantee them, as they are subject to change based on available shipping routes or weather. Dedicated freight is
available available upon request for an appropriate fee.
Several weeks prior to the ship date, RCP Shelters will contact the specified delivery contact to confirm readiness to accept the
shipment. The delivery site must be accessible for a truck and flatbed trailer over 68 feet long. Please be prepared with appropriate
machinery to offload the items. The maximum pick could be as much as 3,000 pounds. Some items, such as roofing, may ship
separately. RCP recommends non-marring padded slings and padded forks for offloading. All materials should be stored high and
dry by blocking materials off ground and covering with moisture resistant paper until installation.

All packages should remain bundled until ready for installation. Each package is marked with contents. It is the recipient’s
responsibility to check the packages against the bill of materials and report to RCP Shelters any potentially missing materials. The
bill of materials may show items that are not included from RCP Shelters. Please reference the Proposal/Order form for clarification
of items specifically included.

RCP Shelters welcomes calls from installers should there be any questions about erecting the structure. Unless specifically listed as
included on the proposal, anchor bolts are not included from RCP Shelters. This allows the installer to procure them locally and pour
the foundations so that installation can begin as soon as the shipment is delivered.