CSI Codes

The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) is an organization that maintains and advances the standardization of construction language as pertains to building specifications.

CSI provides structured guidelines for specification writing in their Project Resource Manual, (formerly called the Manual of Practice (MOP)). CSI authored MasterFormat, which is an indexing system for organizing construction data, particularly construction specifications. For many years MasterFormat consisted of 16 Divisions of construction, such as Masonry, Electrical, Finishes, or Mechanical.

In November 2004, MasterFormat was expanded to 50 Divisions, reflecting the growing complexity of the construction industry, as well as the need to incorporate facility life cycle and maintenance information into the building knowledge base. In this way, MasterFormat will eventually help facilitate Building Information Modeling (BIM) to contain project specifications. However, current technology is unable to handle specifications to the degree drawing information is able to be referenced, displayed, quantified and other benefits of BIM. For example integrated systems, industry standards and methods that may not be shown in the drawings (because they are typically explained in the specifications) do not fit neatly within current BIM libraries.

RCP Utilized CSI Codes

  • 107360 Site and Street Shelter
  • 101800 Informational and Directional Kiosks
  • 107300/107310 Protective Covers
  • 107340 Fabric Shade Canopies
  • 107346 Prefabricated site shelters
  • 133100 Fabric Structures
  • 133123 Tensioned Fabric Structures
  • 133400 Fabricated Engineered Structures
  • 133421 Pre engineered wood shelters
  • 133423 Fabricated Structures

The MasterFormat standard serves as the organizational structure for construction industry publications such as the Sweets catalog with a wide range of building products, and MasterSpec, a popular specification software. MasterFormat helps architects, engineers, owners, contractors, and manufacturers classify how various products are typically used. Nearly all CSI approved sections also include performance and safety requirements generated by agencies such as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and numerous other federal and professional organizations.