Wood Stain Colors

Columns/Beams/Fascia colors:

  • Natural 716
  • Redwood SW 3563
  • Cedar SW 3561
  • White Birch SW 3503
  • Riverwood SW 3507
  • Weathered Gray SW 3568

Deck colors:

  • Natural 716
  • White Birch SW 3503
  • Weathered Gray SW 3568

Stain Selection Guidance


RCP Shelters recommends a light color stain on the deck. The most popular stain color is Natural 716 on both the beams and the deck. Below left is an example. A contrast of dark beams and light deck is nice. Below right is an example of Riverwood beams with Natural 716 T&G deck.

Natural 716
Natural 716
Riverwood with Natural 716
Riverwood SW 3507 with Natural 716

Dark Stains:

Dark stains on T&G deck tend to create a gloomy feel under the pavilion. Additionally, darker stains on both the beams and T&G wood deck will not match because the grains of the exposed faces absorb stain differently. Below are examples of Mission Wall and Riverwood on both beams and deck.

Mission Wall
Mission Wall 3502
Riverwood SW 3507

** Colors shown are internet representations and can only approximate the actual color. For more accurate color choices, please request a color chart.


Download PDF version here Wood Stain Colors


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