Bleacher Covers

  • TS-G-CL 1

    TS-G-CL 1

  • TS-G-CL 2

    TS-G-CL 2

  • TS-G-CL 3

    TS-G-CL 3

  • TS-G-CL 4

    TS-G-CL 4

  • TS-G-CL 5

    TS-G-CL 5

  • TS-G-CL 6

    TS-G-CL 6

  • TS-G-CL 7

    TS-G-CL 7

  • TS-G-CL 8

    TS-G-CL 8

  • TS-G-CL 9

    TS-G-CL 9

Tube steel is a durable construction material that utilizes steel formed into hollow round, square, or rectangular members that allow for hidden connections creating a neat and clean finished product.

These covers provide relief from the sun and elements by utilizing cantilevered columns to remove obstructions from the crowd’s view. The turned down roof edge in the front of the structure adds additional shade coverage throughout the day.

  • Drawings sealed by registered, professional engineer with complimentary foundation design
  • 24-gauge exposed fastener metal roofing
  • Factory powder coated tube steel frame
  • 2:12 & 4:12 roof pitch
  • Hidden bolted connections
  • No place for birds or animals to roost
  • No field welding required
  • Adjustable height, width and lengths to fit all size bleachers
  • Permanent structure eliminates need for costly seasonal removal, storage and reinstallation of roof for winter or wind storms
  • Hot-dipped galvanized tube steel frame
  • Wood Roof Deck: 2x8 tongue & groove Southern Yellow Pine, #1 grade
  • Electrical access throughout steel frame
  • 24-gauge true standing seam metal roofing
Popular Sizes
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